Saturday, June 20, 2009

Joy Fold Fathers Day Card

Ok I finally tried my hand at the Joy Fold Card. I figured I'd do Stephens Fathers Day Card as my first one. Not sure if I really like how it looks...who knows may redo it before tomorrow. Just think it's missing something, but then I didn't want to overdo it either. Says Happy Fathers Day on the inside in the middle, and has a Gift Certificate for a round of golf held inside also. Oh well it may be good enough for him lol he's not really going to look at the card anyways. But the Joy Fold Card itself is fun to do...I can see me doing more in the future!

Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Enfys Has Awesome Blog Candy to Giveaway!!

You have got to check out the awesome blog candy that Enfys is offering over at
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Good luck to all of us!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fathers Day Card

First I want to thank Kelly aka KCS1955 on the Cricut MB and you can find her awesome blog at Kreative Korner by Kelly
She posted a Fathers Day card on the MB and I knew I had to lift it and make one for my dad. Her card was inspired by JoySikes also from the Cricut MB.
I didn't want Kelly to think I copied it inch by inch so I tried to change it up a bit and make it my own, but I loved the colors she used and knew my dad would too, so I did keep those the same, but tried to change the rest up. She helped me so much with answering all my questions and explaining how to print on cardstock, which I'm still learning, don't have that quite down yet. But I think overall it turned out pretty good and I think my dad will be impressed...hopefully.
Anyways, thanks for looking and again Thank you Kelly for all your help and inspiration and hopefully one day my cards will be as amazing as yours!!

and my Father In Laws Card

Sunday, June 14, 2009


OMG!! So I FINALLY got to see Everclear in concert tonight!!! They were opening for Edwin Mccain, which I didn't stay for, but I'm sure he was But they're doing a tour in honor of the military and they couldn't have been more amazing!!
It was everything I had ever imagined and then some!! It was a small concert at the Performing Arts Center here, which is fine because you get to see more and as you can see in the picture, a better chance of meeting them!!
The concert itself was totally amazing!! They sung all their most famous and well loved songs, well to me anyways! A few new ones off their upcoming CD. It was me, my youngest son Christopher and my hub Stephen that went. It was his first concert but he seemed to enjoy himself.
After their set, they announced that they would be outfront signing autographs, so we said goodbye to Edwin and me and Christopher ran up front. Lucky enough to get one of the papers so we were allowed to get in line to meet them!!! All I can say is they were amazing!!! SOoooooooooooo genuine and friendly!! Didn't rush us through the line, each one would stop and shake our hands, thank us for coming and ask us our name. They were so nice to Christopher, asking about his goals and dreams, what he was interested in. Such a great group of guys!! They definitely didn't disappoint me!! They totally made my night!! I feel like a teenager back in high school lol Who says teenagers are the only ones that can ROCK!?!?!
Thank you ART...Sam, Josh, Davey and Tommy for wonderful memories with my son!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My son, Stephen, jamming on his guitar!

Below are a few videos of my oldest son, Stephen Jr. playing on his guitar today. He wanted to update his myspace, but since its my flipcam he was using, I get to share a little of him with my friends too!! He's 17 and will be graduating next summer. Where does the time go?? I'm so proud of him though. He makes me wanna commit myself to a padded room sometimes lol but overall he's a great kid. And theres sooooo much more he could be into these days, so I'm very proud of the man he's becoming!
He has self taught himself on the guitar. He went to a few classes but said the instructor was boring and slow, so that was that lol the rest he did on his own. He'll sit in his room and listen to the songs over and over and usually by the end of the night, I'll hear him in there playing them. I wish I had his natural talent.
Soon he'll be going off into the world by himself. It'll be hard to protect him when I won't know what he's doing or where he is, but no matter how much I would love to keep him home, I know he has to find himself and make a life of his own. I know he's a smart young man and I can only hope that he makes the right choices and if not, he learns from the wrong choices and mistakes he may make through life.
And when his heart gets broke, has trouble finding his way or just needs to talk, I'll be here eagerly waiting to wrap my arms around him again.
And when he's rich and famous, I hope he remembers Mom!
I love you Stephen and I'm sooo very proud of you!!!

Monday, June 01, 2009


OMGosh! I got an award!! Thank you to Jo Ann over at Scrappin Addict for thinking my page was nice enough for an award. hmmm or maybe she just couldn't think of a 7th person LOL Either way, I"LLL TAKE IT!!!!! YAY!!!! Ok so first I'd like to thank my parents, without them, none of this would be possible!!! Second, I would...ok wait..first I would like to thank my DH...without his paycheck, none of this would be possible!!! And well ya know the list goes on, but the paychecks the most important!! I am lucky enough to have friends that push me to keep doing these crafts, thinking outside the box and wondering why I do them when sometimes it seems like folks just don't get it or appreciate it. So its nice to see its not all for nothing. How awesome..ya made my day!! Ok so I need to do a few things in return!... Here we go....

1: Thank the person who gave me the award and link to their blog (Completed)
2: List 10 honest things about myself:

1. I love making altered items.
2. I have a small fortune invested in my craft room.
3. I have made some really great friends through crafting and the Cricut MB.
4. I have a problem with procrastination and motivation.
5. I have two great sons that I love dearly and will miss as they go off into the world.
6. I'm lucky to have a great DH who supports my crafting addiction.
7. I happen to talk too much and sometimes lose friendships because of it.
8. I miss my nephews and nieces soooo very much!
9. I really wish my mom and I could be closer..but never see it happening.
10. I really have a lot of swaps I need to get finished.

3:Put the award on my blog(Completed)
4:Pick 7 people to give the award to:

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