Saturday, June 13, 2009

My son, Stephen, jamming on his guitar!

Below are a few videos of my oldest son, Stephen Jr. playing on his guitar today. He wanted to update his myspace, but since its my flipcam he was using, I get to share a little of him with my friends too!! He's 17 and will be graduating next summer. Where does the time go?? I'm so proud of him though. He makes me wanna commit myself to a padded room sometimes lol but overall he's a great kid. And theres sooooo much more he could be into these days, so I'm very proud of the man he's becoming!
He has self taught himself on the guitar. He went to a few classes but said the instructor was boring and slow, so that was that lol the rest he did on his own. He'll sit in his room and listen to the songs over and over and usually by the end of the night, I'll hear him in there playing them. I wish I had his natural talent.
Soon he'll be going off into the world by himself. It'll be hard to protect him when I won't know what he's doing or where he is, but no matter how much I would love to keep him home, I know he has to find himself and make a life of his own. I know he's a smart young man and I can only hope that he makes the right choices and if not, he learns from the wrong choices and mistakes he may make through life.
And when his heart gets broke, has trouble finding his way or just needs to talk, I'll be here eagerly waiting to wrap my arms around him again.
And when he's rich and famous, I hope he remembers Mom!
I love you Stephen and I'm sooo very proud of you!!!


Jamee said...

your son is awesome on the guitar!!!

Anonymous said...

Jeri - he's awesome!!! Way to go!

DesertBuni said...

Jeri...That is totally cool!! He is AMAZING!!! I wish I had talent like that... to teach himself really shows focus and determination!!! I can tell you are very proud of him!! Good Job Mom!

~*~Niki~*~ said...

His playing is FANTASTIC! He has such a gift! I'm so proud of him too! I like his shirt! Amanda hasn't seen it yet, she hasn't been around to see it. Will show her tomorrow and let you know what she says. I'm very impressed with his playing ability.



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