Sunday, June 14, 2009


OMG!! So I FINALLY got to see Everclear in concert tonight!!! They were opening for Edwin Mccain, which I didn't stay for, but I'm sure he was But they're doing a tour in honor of the military and they couldn't have been more amazing!!
It was everything I had ever imagined and then some!! It was a small concert at the Performing Arts Center here, which is fine because you get to see more and as you can see in the picture, a better chance of meeting them!!
The concert itself was totally amazing!! They sung all their most famous and well loved songs, well to me anyways! A few new ones off their upcoming CD. It was me, my youngest son Christopher and my hub Stephen that went. It was his first concert but he seemed to enjoy himself.
After their set, they announced that they would be outfront signing autographs, so we said goodbye to Edwin and me and Christopher ran up front. Lucky enough to get one of the papers so we were allowed to get in line to meet them!!! All I can say is they were amazing!!! SOoooooooooooo genuine and friendly!! Didn't rush us through the line, each one would stop and shake our hands, thank us for coming and ask us our name. They were so nice to Christopher, asking about his goals and dreams, what he was interested in. Such a great group of guys!! They definitely didn't disappoint me!! They totally made my night!! I feel like a teenager back in high school lol Who says teenagers are the only ones that can ROCK!?!?!
Thank you ART...Sam, Josh, Davey and Tommy for wonderful memories with my son!!


Pamela said...

Ooh I love them! I am sure it was awesome.

Nancy said...

mmmmmmmmmmm BRAT!!! LOL!! That's it, I'm not talking to you for 10 minutes!!! hahaha!! ROTF! ;p
Glad you had a good time!

~*~Niki~*~ said...

OHMIGOSH that is so cool you guys got to see them and even meet them! I love the pictures! So glad you had a good time! I hope you are framing that autograph page, that is so neat that you got that! Yes us young Moms can rock out too!

Nancy aka GoinCriCrAzY said...

Ya know, I swiped ALL of these pictures, but since I don't have a good printer I couldnt include them in your journal. I can say that now that you have it... LOL!!



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