Thursday, April 09, 2009

MY NEW TOY!!!!!!

Besides an interesting start to my day, I think I'm finally beginning to get back to normal. After a month of computers crashing, taken over by viruses and trojans and wireless networking issues on another computer I'm back. A little more insane than I once was...wait is that possible? lol But anyways, my laptop that I used in my craft room CRASHED!!!! I was so depressed because I loved being able to watch the MB, look at different tutorials, check my email and to work on my projects while talking to friends, and all that was gone. :o(
Well a few days after it crashed my DH, Stephen, walked in on his lunch hour and handed me some papers. He had surprised me with a new Dell Laptop!! He said it was my early anniversary present from him. So finally after waiting about a week, It was to be delivered today! I was soooo excited for today to get here, but I wish I had just stayed in bed instead.
I got up to take the boys to school, pulling out of the garage, glanced down at the radio, not even for a half second, and tore my driver side mirror off my Durango :o( It sounded like I had knocked the whole wall down. Ugh if it's not one thing it's another!!!! So hopefully my new mirror will be here in a few days and DH will get that fixed and we'll be back to new. Pretty embarrassing driving around with a side mirror lol The end of my day got so much better. After getting back home with the boys after school, the FedEx man delivered my new toy!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! It's aggrivating trying to get everything reinstalled and figured out, but I'm having fun learning. This is my first computer with Vista and so far so good. It's great to be able to get back in my craft room again! Maybe I can get some work done now. I have A LOT of Inchies, Trinchies and titles to make, so I'm sure I'll be here for the next 5mths cutting and embellishing lol and finishing up a few other swaps.
Hopefully tomorrow will start off better than this morning!


~~Niki~~ said...

Aww so happy you have it finally! I'm so excited for you! Sorry about your car :-(

Donna said...

Congratulations on your new laptop. I just got a new 18" one a couple of weeks ago. My intention is to put it in my craft room. Right now I have desk top in there and am a little afraid to trasnfer my CDS and everything over to my laptop.

OMG I am drooling over your craft room. It looks like a store.

Enfys said...

Glad you got it sorted, isn't it frightening how we depend upon these computers....

jcscraphappy said...

oooh great new toy love your scrap room.
i love tink as well :)
thanks for stopping by my blog.



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