Saturday, May 10, 2008

Altered Wood Carrying Case

Not sure the technical name for this case lol but it's found at Michaels too. The following pictures below are each side of the box and close ups of some of the embellishments. It was made for the youngest son of my husbands cousin. His room is done in John Deere and he loves matchbox cars so this is what I came up with. The sides and inside was altered with fabric wrapped around cardboard and hot glued to the wood. All the other embellishments were added with hot glue also. All supplies except fabric was found at Michael's. Fabric was bought from Hobby Lobby.

Front of case. The tacks along the box are actually iron on embellishments that I just used to look like tacks. Hot glued to the fabric. Name is Glittered Chipboard and the praying hands are card charms.

The back side was decorated with farming embellishments and both ends were decorated with cars, trucks, & farming equipment. These embellishments were painted wood decorations that were premade. The vehicles were magnets but I used them on the sides.

Altered Name Sign/Board & Mirror

This was made for my husbands cousins oldest daughter that has been going through some medical issues. Wanted to lift her spirits a bit. The mirror was made to match the Altered Name board. She's not a girlie girl, so I hope I accomplished a female feel without that girlie girl look?

Small Altered Wood Case

Made for my husbands cousins youngest daughter, Elizabeth. These are your basic wood cases you find at Michael's.



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